My first post…on wordpress

So I want a Tom Donaghy referee’s jersey. If anyone can make that happen, please let me know.

How ’bout Jon Lester? He’s got some moxy, but not great stuff. Plus 4-seamer, average change-up, average curve, average “cut fastball” (it’s pretty much a slider). He has poor control (ability to throw strikes) and almost no command (that means control IN the strike zone, or out if that’s the point of the pitch) of any his pitches. But, seeing as he’s young, has life on his fastball, is a lefty, should continue to get stronger in his recovery from cancer, and stands to improve on the control issue over time, he could be the perfect guy to let develop as your 4th/5th starter for a couple years as he gets better and then deal him once he starts to get overpaid through the arbitration process (unless he develops to the point where he is legitimately a top 3 starter, then you keep him). But, all those Ace ratings we heard the last couple years seem like a product of the Boston Hype Machine, unless his cancer issues really have lowered his fastball from the 93/94 mph levels he was reported to be pitching at in the past, which is entirely possible.

Grady Sizemore=modern day Fred Lynn (on the Red Sox, not the Angels).

Sox, please pass on Teixeira, we’re all set on that this season, sign him someday if you really want him.

My sources have indicated (which means a co-worker of mine recently was in Santa Monica and met Danny Ainge) that the Celtics have another big move or two coming. I’m scared and excited by this, please be KG or someone secretly sexy defense-style.

Victor Martinez, the Indians’ catcher, chose “Pasame la botella” by Mach y Daddy as his at-bat music for tonight’s game; that=dope. I think for my at-bat music I’d choose something from this guy:; if I could choose my closer’s music it would be “Doin It,” during the chorus when LeShaun says “doin it and doin it and doin it well.” Also, big ups to LL for the lyrics “Safe sexin it, flexin in, gettin that affectionate/Chewin it, oohin it, all while we’re doin it.”


One Response to My first post…on wordpress

  1. nickwill says:

    Heard Lester’s start the other night was a showcase to other teams for the trading deadline..

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