Allen, Ray: Key to potential KG trade?

KG trade speculation is back, check this article out for background: 

OK, so the title is meant to involve its every possible meaning, as in Ray Allen, Tony Allen, and Allen Ray.

Ray Allen: KG hated Wally, and Ray Ray is a big upgrade on him.  He also is the son of God and had a threesome with Chasey Lain and Jill Kelly, thus I can safely write that dude’s a baller.  The Big Ticket knows that teaming up with Mr. Shuttlesworth and Mr. Truth will be wicked dece, especially in the East.

Tony Allen: Dude was playing nasssty before that little blow up the knee for a second time on a dumb dunk after the whistle that didn’t count thing.  God clearly has hated the Celtics since we got Len Bias, but now that we have his son on our team he’s prolly like, back on the bandwagon and stuff, so watch for the luck of the Irish to make a comeback this season.  Anyways, with Tony Toni Tone (I know that’s pretty absurd that I just wrote that, that’s legit Bob Ryan toolish on my part) leading the second unit offensively and spelling PP and Jesus with solid defense, he should be the key to the team having enough to make some waves in the play-offs.  Also, I can envision some scenarios where Tony starts and Ray comes off the bench, but that might be a little too creative for Doc so we’ll see.

Lastly, Allen Ray: KG is a smart dude, he knows that money is cool (he signed a 126 million dollar contract last time he was a free agent), that calling Minnesota “‘Sota” makes it sound cooler, and that having Allen Ray on the Celtics with Ray and Tony Allen there too was going to sabotage the team.  So, now that Allen Ray has signed with an Italian team and brought his eyeball with him (click on this clip –>   to fully understand that comment), the C’s are ready for KG.

This would leave us with a ridiculous 2/3/4 combo, and Rajon Rondo and Kendrick Perkins hopefully ready to hold down the rest of the starting line-up.  Tony Allen takes up residence as our 6th man off the bench with Ryan Gomes as his sidekick in that sense, and occasionally one of those two could play big minutes if KG switches to the 5 and we go small with Gomes or Pierce at the 4.  Then we have Scalabrine, free agent PG to-be-signed, and other spare change to fill the rest of the rotation up.  That team doesn’t seem good enough to beat the Spurs or Suns, but in a 7 game series it’s not getting swept like LeBrontourage.  Give the Celtics another year to convert youngsters into veterans and Doc Rivers into an NBA coach who can set a rotation and in 2008/9 we could be hoisting Green 17 into the rafters at The Fleet, or The Garden, whatever the hell it is then.  Plus, after three years we’ll have Rondo about to enter his prime, Ray Ray’s contract up, whatever else we’ve drafted/signed by then, and we can sell off Pierce and KG for cap space and young guys/picks, and start over.  That’s how you do it in the NBA, you go for broke and then once you’re broke you build the right way and get back to the top.

 PS–Al Jefferson, Randy Foye, Rashard McCants, Corey Brewer, Gerald Green, a free look at Telfair, Craig Smith, Chris Richard, other picks, Minny’s starting to have a shot at rebuilding if this trade goes through, they just need to get rid of half of their roster and they’d be all set, too bad that’s not gonna happen cuz they have about 5 guys with terrible contracts who are old and not good.  But, at least this is a start, and in 2 years they’d have lots of chips to trade and some expiring contracts.


3 Responses to Allen, Ray: Key to potential KG trade?

  1. Bub says:

    First of all, the Eastern Conference sucks BUT since I’ve encountered an inside source who just arrived back at home from CA, I have confidence that Ainge will make a push for KG (even though he laughed at the press conference when boston was mentioned) . Second of all, Allen Ray had a terrible summer league and could not hit a thing from outside (unlike the days at nova where he would make it rain on dem big east hoes). Thirdly, f this talk about developement simes. That’s the excuse that everyone uses and it’s getting lame. I know we’re young but if we lose again this year and not even make it to the playoffs, i better not hear that it’s because of our youngsters. We traded for a nice vetran and I think these excuses like give another because of maturity are crapp with a double p. By the way, i saw on 1st and 10 that telfair might join the AND 1 club…if so, he’ll be the man even more..till death do us part (i wanted a cool departing sentence..fuck)- Bub

  2. 2cool4school says:

    Although it is against my nature to respond to a meaningless sports-related internet blog, my affection for the Celtics and more importantly, my current summer unemployment, have influenced me to try and straighten out the continuing mess we call the Celtics off-season. As “obeese” previously stated, the possible trade for Garnett makes a lot of sense for each franchise. We all know that the only thing “Minny” had going for them was KG and once he leaves, they will be forced to rebuild. It is pretty clear that KG wants out and will get his wish, so Ainge has drawn up quite the most logical trade possibility. Minnesota must start young and fresh and seeing as Boston has a slew of young talent, this trade poses the biggest chance of succeeding. Bub was right when he stated that the “Eastern Conference sucks,” but that is not a debate. Everyone knows that the West coast has better players and teams. That statement is almost irrelevant, because that is the whole point of bringing another big name to Boston and the less superior side of the country. If Boston can dominate their division and conference (wishful thinking) then they will obviously advance to the playoffs and hopefully even the finals (even more wishful thinking). I have said it for years, all we need is a good big man up top and we will be in great, playoff bound shape. I think it is fair to say that even had Ray Allen not come over from Seattle and we eventually did get KG, the men in green will make the playoffs. If everything works out the way we hope, then everyday will be St. Paddy’s Day for Bostonians (i also wanted to end on a “cool departing sentence” aka a hip conclusion…fuck)-Mystery Man.

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