Is the MLS doomed to mediocrity for the foreseeable future? Oh, and a little baseball talk.




Freddy Adu just left; David Beckham’s here; too bad we would be better off the other way around.  Adu’s MLS career is a failure and Beckham’s following his lead in that department. I know it’s too early to pass judgement, but it doesn’t look good for Beckham turning things around in America.  Missing games right out the shoot, although legit with his shaky ankle, is a terrible thing for the league, as it will create disenchantment with an already apathetic American market.  And after all, Becks isn’t here to win the MLS Cup, he’s here to win Americans over to futbol.


Meanwhile, Adu is headed to Portugal, and the true hope for American soccer rising soon went with him.  Other than winning a World Cup, the best way to spread the popularity of MLS is for an American star to burn holes in the back of the net, and control the game the way Sidney Crosby and LeBron James are currently doing in hockey and basketball.  Too bad.  Hopefully someone new comes along with less hype and more substance than Freddy, and soccer takes the leap.

Johan Santana recently said that he doesn’t really see much of a future in Minnesota since all the organization ever worries about is, ironically enough, the future.  This could be huge.  I wouldn’t be surprised to see Johan backtrack in the off-season, but if he doesn’t the Twins really must move the guy, and there will be no shortage of teams looking to acquire the left-handed version of Red Sock Pedro Martinez (more like Pedro’s little brother who never quite is as good as the big bro but is still damnnnnn good).  I can’t really even imagine how much the guy would be worth.  His contract will be gigantic so only major market teams can consider him, but ALL of them should do just that.  Whoever gets him will probably agree to a gigantic extension that will start in 2009 and pay Johan well over $20 million a season for 6 years or so.  I would say it would cost probably a team’s top two prospects, and one must be a potential ace, plus other guys, and the top tier guys must be in AA or above for sure.  Clay Buchholz, Jacoby Ellsbury, Justin Masterson, and Dustin Pedroia: think something along the lines of that offer, maybe more or less depending on what other teams throw out there, and that would be a haul, much better than what Minnesota just got for Garnett.

Another guy who is likely to garner similar attention is Miguel Cabrera, who is basically like Albert Pujols, only younger.  He has less power, and has a growing weight issue (I personally think he just wants to look like Bartolo Colon, which he’s well on his way to doing),




but could develop consistent 40-homerun power, maintain his mid .300 batting average and other sexy offensive numbers, or possibly do both.  He also can play multiple positions, anywhere on the corners in the infield or outfield.  The bidding will be similarly high on the guy.  Both Santana and Cabrera could be big risks as trade acquisitions if their agents choose to take them to the open market to stretch every dollar out of their newly found free agency, but I still expect teams to go after the two guys fervently if they become available.


With the impending departures of Curt Schilling, Matt Clement’s contract, Manny Ramirez, and others, the Red Sox, with their slew of pitching prospects, may be in play for one or both of these guys one way or the other over the next couple of years, and I think Miggy might look dece qualls replacing Manny in front of the Monster. 

Sox Appeal is boring.  The Bronx is Burning is way better.  At least in this case, the Yankees win, theeeeee Yankees win.


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