A little ballpark etiquette


Photo Credit: J. Rissmeyer


Here goes, in one big run-on sentence: No gloves over the age of 14, no nets under any circumstances (don’t be that guy), don’t boo unless you know why you’re booing, know the rules and do your homework if you’re going to heckle, don’t ever reach onto the field if there’s any chance the ball was not foul (if you’re not sure of this then don’t reach onto the field for the ball, period), if a fielder reaches into the stands for a pop-up you must let him get it if he is on your team, and if he is on the other team you must make sure he does NOT catch the ball (this does not mean hit the guy, but it does mean interfere as much as possible, mostly by trying to catch the thing yourself, and succeeding), don’t spill beers as you walk, just take a sip before crawling all over 85 people on your way back to your seats, don’t stand up too often, but don’t be afraid to stand up when the game calls for it, even if you have snooty stuck-ups saying annoying stuff behind you, but that means know when it calls for it, keep the gratuitous swearing to a minimum, there are little kids around, but on the occasion it’s ok, as long as it’s not something terrrrrrrible, take a second to look around and appreciate it: games are expensive now, so enjoy the fact that you get to be there, and always be friendly to the staff, if you’re not then you deserve to get hit with a foul ball—that’s another thing, don’t get hit with a foul ballbe ready for that, because, yes, it can happen to you, know when and when not to change seats, you’ve got to pick your spots, it’s better to be clever than insulting to the other team/players, don’t boo your own unless you know that he’s hurting the team by not trying his hardest, otherwise, get off his back and he’ll probably start hitting again. 


Got anything to add?

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