Graduation: On second thought…

September 26, 2007





Graduation doesn’t quite hit you the way you’d expect it, and you might even feel a little disappointed, as I previously wrote about my own reaction on this space the internet machine web world has allowed me disposal of.  But, give it another listen, and you may change your mind.  Album review follows… 

As far as album depth goes, Graduation falls short.  There is one extremely weak track in “Drunk and Hot Girls” and one questionable remix of some sorts in “Homecoming” (Kanye used the same lyrics on a track on one of the Freshman Adjustment discs).  Additionally, while solid lyrically with a nice beat, “Big Brother” is somewhat cheesey and sounds like sucking up, dissin’, or making amends at different times in the song. 


HOWEVER, this does not mean the album is a failure.  Solid singles “Stronger” and “Can’t Tell Me Nothing” give the CD its pop status, while deeper cuts give it its true strength.


“Flashing Lights,” “Everything I Am,” and “Homecoming” demonstrate Kanye’s classic beats and the deeper side of his lyrics.  “Everything I Am” highlights Kanye’s true value as a rapper when he says:

I know people wouldn’t usually rap this
but I got the facts to back this
just last year, Chicago had over 600 caskets
man, killin’s some wack shit
oh, I forgot, except for when niggas is rappin’
do you know what it feel like when people is passin’?
he got changed over his chains, a block off Ashlin
I need to talk to somebody, pastor
the church want tithe, so I can’t afford to pay
the slip on the door, ‘cause I can’t afford to stay
my 15 seconds up, but I got more to say
That’s enough Mr. West, please no more today.



His words speak for themselves in this case so I’ll jump to the grimiest beat on the album, “Barry Bonds.”  Featuring Lil Wayne, the song stays lyrically soft, but the flow from both, as well as the hook, is top notch.  Add in some unique smoothness from Mos Def and required bars from Jay-Z on the CD’s last track, “Good Night” (the book-end to “Good Morning”), and Graduation ends solidly, but slightly abruptly.


Overall the album grades out as an A-, mostly for having a weak track or two, and lacking as much depth as his first two releases, but that cannot mask the fact that Kanye dropped another classic CD with his latest production, and we all know 50 can attest to that. 


Callense las bocas! and other stuff

September 13, 2007


Here’s just a couple people that need to shut their mouths, and then some other stuff:

LaDainian Tomlinson–First of all, LT is nasty, one of the best football players we’ll ever see, and a great guy who has been recognized by the NFL for his work in the community.  Thus, he was once my favorite player.  But the dude needs to SHUT UP.  Stop being hypocrytical about the Pats.  They danced on your turf, maybe not the most tasteful move, but doesn’t Shawn Merriman do that dance after EVERY BIG PLAY HE MAKES?!  Yes, he does, so shhh.  Next, the Pats just got caught trying to video tape the Jets coaching staff, which is wack and embarasses me and most Pats fans immensely, but I’m sure that lots of other teams do stuff like that too, and I believe the aforementioned Shawn Merriman got caught taking steroids last season as well, so once again, just stop talking, please.  Also, check out this clip from before the Chargers got their asses handed to them at home by the underdog Pats last year.  Check it out from the 1 minute mark on: “classless?” 

Random kid in class–This kid in my first class this year sat down in front of me and then tiraded to some poor soul on the other end of the line about how “unconscionable” it was that Red Sox fans parked along Commonwealth Avenue to go to their “silly little game,” thus preventing him from easily finding a free parking space for his 5 minute commute, and forcing him to pay $20 to park.  Well, the Red Sox and their silly little game bring milllllllllions of dollars and infinite happiness to the region, of which you probably are only a 4 year member.  Your needless driving to class from three miles away probably brings nothing more than unnecessary pollution to Boston, so you might want to re-think your argument.

James Posey was a nice addition to the Celtic roster, he fit more of a need than Reggie Miller would have.  There could still be more to come mid-season though.

Check out the women’s World Cup, it’s one of the few women’s sporting events that gets me, and the marketing for the team has been great, don’t see how you couldn’t be pumped up to watch them.

Kanye’s new album is SO DISAPPOINTING.  The guy is a legend, and he came with some weak sauce on this CD.  Like Will Ferrell’s follow-up movies after ‘Old School.’  Damnit.

Interesting how MLB has decided that the team with the best record in each league gets to choose between playing with more or less rest in the first round of the play-offs.  Basically meaning that your number 1 and 2 starters can pitch 4 of the 5 games on full rest or 3 of 5 on full rest.  This has never happened before, and is intriguing.  If I’m the Sox I’m definitely taking the lesser rest and throwing my #4 against the other team’s #4, because that’s where the strength of the team lies.  Angels and Indians would choose the opposite, most likely.

Oh yeah, and the Sox are playing the Yanks this weekend.  Could be interesting, I guess.