Brad Lidge for WHAT? And if only the Steinbrothers would shut up.

For all of y’all from the Illadelph (maybe a couple poor souls), you just ROBBED the Astros.


He’s filthy.

Brad Lidge is a potential stud.  None of the guys the Astros got is a potential stud.  In fact, none of the guys the Astros got is expected to be more than a fringe regular in the Majors.  And yet, in a market where a closer with two plus pitches could get them some serious talent in return, the Astros panicked and traded him for a very mediocre trio. 

Michael Bourn, while the owner of a dope last name, isn’t the owner of many baseball related skills, and therefore is not the guy you want to be the best player you acquire for an in-demand player.  Geoff Geary is slightly better than terrible on the mound.  And the prospect they acquired is said to be not a top-rated guy.  Sounds like their second consecutive poor move involving a reliever (Dan Wheeler to the Rays last trade deadline).  Good relievers are extremely valuable in this day and age, and failing to understand this has netted the Astros a negative impact from the two aforementioned trades, and that’s a shame.


Not ready to shoulder the load yet. 

Additionally, I feel bad for Yanks GM Brian Cashman, because once again he has another Steinbrenner yapping about things he knows little about.  Should the Yankees try to acquire Johan Santana?  YES, like the network.  He’s the bonified ace they lack, and they have the chips to get it done.  NO, a word Kobe doesn’t understand, that doesn’t mean trading Hughes and Joba, but trading one of their top prospects WOULD be a smart move.  Picking up a guy who your money will be well spent on would be a nice move, especially since he’s one of the top two pitchers alive.  Put him in with Wang, hopefully Pettitte, and two of the young studs with Mussina as insurance and they have a team that can compete with the Sox once again.  Otherwise this is a team that could potentially fall to third if things work out for the Blue Jays.  I don’t think the Steinbrothers will be happy to hear that, but that’s the reality of young pitchers: they can’t throw 200 innings without breaking down.  Getting more than 160 innings from Hughes or Joba will be a surprise.  Kennedy threw 165.1 innings last year, giving him a chance to get to 180 before breaking down in a normal progression.  However, Joba threw only 112.1 innings and pitched out of the bullpen with special rest for the Yankees, giving him a 140 innings limit under a reasonable scenario (generally adding about 20 innings per year until 220 is reached is the accepted progression with young pitchers), and Hughes, due to injury, only threw 110.1 innings and the year before only 146 (all in the minors). 

Essentially, if they plan on winning next year, they better be planning on picking up some help in the rotation, because while the young guns are extremely talented, there’s a reason the Red Sox, with a similar chance to start young studs, have chosen to employ 6 Major League ready starters: they plan on winning this year, and are using their tremendous wealth to help themselves do so.  The Yankees have the money, so as long as they spend it on the right guys, such as Johan Santana and not Carlos Silva types, they’ll be dynamic.  I’m hoping the Yankees ignore this plan, and enable us to win another AL East title.

Ask these dudes about the Celtics.

Oh, and I couldn’t resist, watch out for the C’s going something like 15-5 to start the season.  Also, the Trio put up 18 assists last night against Denver, so all those worried about who gets the shots, forget it for now.  55 wins??


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