The Box Set: Say Hello to Scuzzo


Captain Scuzzo

Captain Scuzzo, a new face in hip hop from Boston, just released his first for-sale CD, “The Box Set.”  17 tracks long, it covers every genre of hip hop, from club songs to deep cuts on real issues.  The beats are solid throughout, with some nice help from Prince Blakk, but the real highlight is Scuzzo’s lyrical abilities.  Think the cleverness of Kanye West (I push miracle whips) mixed with a little Eminem (you gotta listen carefully or you’ll miss something), some Pharrell, a touch of Timbaland, some Mos Def, and some rock tendencies, and you got something close to Scuzzo, but think a whole lot more original.

His album is out on iTunes, Napster, Rhapsody and all other major downloading sources, but you can get a little preview at  Check him out.

One Response to The Box Set: Say Hello to Scuzzo

  1. Bub's Father says:

    Nice job with the spelling here again…

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