I should probably reference Thanksgiving in my title, right?

Anyways, a few quick thoughts on the world of sports before I head downstairs and feast like a beast.


Headin’ to LosAngeHeim, he should probably get one of those AT&T commercials now.

Torii Hunter to the Angels for 5 years and $90 million.  Hmm, another strange move by the team, following up their Orlando Cabrera move (not to say that it was a bad one, and more on that in a second).  I don’t think it was a particularly prudent contract, given that they gave Eddie Matthews Jr. a big deal last off-season, but, it does give them more options and insurance since their OFs have tended to miss large portions of the season over the past couple years and aren’t getting any younger.  I, personally, wouldn’t have signed Hunter due to his age and overall value being over-valued, but I don’t actually have each team’s hard line budget numbers so I can’t say for sure whether it was a bad move or not without knowing what each owner is using as his business plan.

The Cabrera-Garland trade was perplexing.  Chemistry-wise, it makes no sense for the Angels to trade their quintessential Angel baller–someone who’s fast, runs the bases well, fields the ball, and puts the ball in play–, but, in baseball talent and value terms, they got the better of the trade.  Garland is younger, in his peak, and has been relatively consistent over the past few years (other than a slight drop in Ks this year, but it was very slight).  Given that Garland is a pitcher, and Cabrera is a shortstop about to enter his declining years whose skills are more reliant on his feet than his bat, this seems to be a good move for the Angels and a questionable, but not necessarily “bad” move for the White Sox, depending upon their plans for the upcoming year or two (although once again, I wouldn’t have made the move).  Overall, I think these two moves give the Angels another year or two atop the AL West, meanwhile Chicago remains mediocre without a big jump from some young pitchers.

Buster Olney is writing that Johan Santana wants “Zito money.”  If that’s the case, as Buster has already written on his espn insider blog (which means many of you don’t have access to it, unfortunately) the Twins would be crazy not to give him that deal NOW.  The best pitcher on the planet wants to take a hometown discount, although in this case a discount deal still means 7 years and $126 million.  Do it.  NOW.  In fact, the Twins should have had a contract set up already and just asked the guy what it would take in order to have sign the dotted line right now.  If this were to be untrue, and Santana were to want the $200 million he could get on the open market, the Twins should open the bidding and get a great package from someone, but if this is truly all Santana wants to stay in Minnesota, they should pounce at the opportunity to keep him reppin’ KG’s former barrio.

Lastly, good trade for the Mets in getting Johnny Estrada for Guillermo Mota.  Mota’s pretty bad, and Estrada’s also pretty bad, but he plays catcher, which means the Mets can save themselves from making any more absurd offers to terrible players such as Yorvit Torrealba, so in that sense, the Mets are the winners in this trade…sorta.

Oh, and check out the links page for some new additions, one of which is the very sexy www.iheartceltics.blogspot.com.  Happy Thanksgiving.

PS–the White Sox just signed Scott Linebrink to a 4 year, $19 million contract.  Ew.  Seriously?  Mediocre reliever last season in the National League, and they gave him 4 years to play in the AL, and against the AL Central at that?  Starting to question Ken Williams’s plan over in the South Side quite a bit.  You basically can expect 1 or 2 decent seasons over the life of the contract and 2 to 3 bad ones.  Not worth that kind of money. 

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  1. Lauren says:

    I have no idea what you are talking about.

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