Mets Waste Top Bargaining Chip Milledge


 22-year-old Lastings Milledge is headed to D.C., where he will look to take over the rap game, and maybe play some baseball if he has any spare time.

After technicalities saved Mets GM Omar Minaya from signing Yorvit Torrealba to a terrible three year deal, he has been deadset on finding another equally horrific catcher to take over for the newly departed Paul Lo Duca

First he acquired the overrated Johnny Estrada in a move that didn’t particularly hurt the team–other than due to the fact that Minaya intends to have the guy on the roster–seeing as it only cost the Mets mediocrity in return in the form of Guillermo Mota.  This move was fine, it’s the next one that should blow you away.

The Mets have just finished a trade that will send top OF prospect Lastings Milledge to the Nationals for catcher Brian Schneider and OF Ryan Church

This is a shocking deal for several reasons: 

  • Church and Milledge were roughly equals last season, but Church is 29 years-of-age, while Milledge is only 22.
  • Milledge has the potential to go to multiple all-star games.
  • Money is not saved by the Mets, in fact, Schneider’s presence should only add to their payroll.
  • Milledge will likely be better than Church this season, and every year thereafter.
  • Schneider is terrible.  He brings nothing to the table offensively, and his arm has slipped over the past few years: his throwing percentage dropped from an excellent 50% in 2004 for Montreal all the way down to 30% and 31% the past two seasons for Washington.
  • Lastly, and perhaps most importantly, the Mets need pitching.  Milledge was one of their top bargaining chips in any attempt at acquiring Johan Santana, Dan Haren, Joe Blanton, Erik Bedard, or any other quality starter available this off-season.


Unfortunately for Jose Reyes, this trade may prevent any future collaboration on new rap/reggaeton hits with fellow baseballer/MC Lastings Milledge.

Overall, that makes this trade a coup for the Nationals, who foisted the Mets, sending one average corner OF and a below average catcher to a division rival for a nice RF to go with Willy Mo Pena in LF and Ryan Zimmerman at 3B…the fact that they don’t really have anything else is beside the point, but at least in this instance, well done, Washington.

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