Let’s Talk Some Politics: The Quest for the Presidency in 2008

From left to right, the top 2008 Presidential candidates, Rudy Giuliani, Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, and John McCain.

I’m no political expert so I’ll keep this brief, but this is quite the star-powered presidential campaign we’ve got going here.  Hillary Clinton (and potential first gentleman, Bill Clinton), Barack Obama, John McCain, and Rudy Giuliani.  Wow.  Not to mention the possibility that Al Gore or NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg pull a Willis Reed and make a late entrance into the contest.  No matter what you’re looking for, there’s a very good chance one of these candidates is a close enough semblance to get your blood pumping, so we could see one of the highest voter turn-outs in quite a while, especially considering the potential for a “just so long as I get to vote for someone other than Bush or a lame Democratic candidate” response.  Also, once the primary candidates are chosen, we could see some very dynamic pairs of running mates.  If Clinton gets the nod, would Obama consider taking the VP spot??  Intriguing, no?

One Response to Let’s Talk Some Politics: The Quest for the Presidency in 2008

  1. rightwingdog says:

    I don’t believe that Hillary would choose Obama as a running mate. In fact I think she will go outside the candidates to get a running mate. Obama has nothing but negatives to offer Hillary, she already has the black vote locked in. I can’t see anything else but arrogance that Obama may have and God only knows Hillary has enough of that already.
    Seriously, I would look for her to maybe look at Bayh, or maybe Wesley Clark (who was a big buddy of Bill’s).

    There has been Bloomberg/Gore talk but I think it’s a strech just like Paul and Kucinich. No wait that pair is a joke!

    Regarding the Republicans, I think whoever takes the number one slot would be remiss in not picking Duncan Hunter. I believe it will be either Hunter or Huckabee regardless and I hope it’s not Huckabee.

    Just my opinion…


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