Stop the Gammons Hating

Peter Gammons is a HALL-OF-FAMER.

I’ve been reading the commentary on Hall-of-Famer Peter Gammons’ blog since he came back from his life-threatening stroke and I’ve got to say I’m disappointed in fans in general.  Instead of using the commentary option to voice their opinions in a respectful manner, about 50% of the fans using the forum choose to insult the man who helped forge the current model of modern baseball media.  Suggesting that Mr. Gammons write about different topics or taking issue with one of his articles is one thing, but having people call him names and accuse him of being a “pawn of the Sawx” is downright ignorant and rude.  Writers write about the most popular teams because sports writing is a business–otherwise you might be reading stories on middle school baseball–so get over the northeast corridor garnering the most attention.  The man’s name alone carries so much weight that tossing it in the mud might bring one’s tongue down to the ground.  Get off his back, he’s the greatest ever, and he’s still going strong.


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