NBA Thoughts

Anderson Varejao  just signed what I would call an appropriate deal.  It seems to make sense for all three parties involved, as Varejao gets paid to play basketball and can be an unrestricted free agent in two years if he so chooses (while still earning about what he’s worth), the Bobcats get some help at a reasonable rate (they desperately need it with Adam Morrison and Sean May out for the year), and the Cavs have the option of matching the offer sheet.  I would expect the Cavs to, in fact, match the Bobcat offer sheet, giving them another quality player to help out King James with, who is currently destroying the rest of the NBA with a limited supporting cast.  So I guess that makes this a win-win-win?


The 76ers phinally phired GM Billy King, and it’s about time.  The guy did a horrible job for years and cost AI most of his prime.  Let’s hope the new guy can do a little better for Philly phans.


The Bulls still suck.  It’s a really strange situation and I don’t entirely understand it.  So, if you have an insider name, check out John Hollinger’s breakdown.  He’s a really smart guy.


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  1. Kool Kat says:

    I love the photo .. i think Carlito looks very HOT and COOL in it …

    Thanks a loooooooooooot to the person who put it …

    c u …

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