More Hot Stove Scraps


 Is that Tony La Russa and Scott Rolen?

Tony “Pasame La Botella” Russa and Scott Rolen really just need to move to Massachusetts and get married already.  They’re basically a living, breathing soap opera

The latest rumor out there is the Giants and Blue Jays are discussing a possible Tim Lincecum/Alex Rios deal.  This is an interesting idea but I’m not entirely sure it makes sense for either team.  The Jays have pitching and need Rios offensively, while the Giants are a mess and need anything and everything, but mostly younger players (Lincecum is 23, Rios 26).  The deal makes the most sense for the Jays if they then do an A.J. Burnett swap for a young bat, because then they’d be paring payroll AND getting younger.

Can we please do this Santana trade already, it’s killing me waiting and if we have to wait the rest of the off-season for it I’ll just be bored with it by the time it finally happens.

The Marlins are a sad, sad franchise.  They rebuild and rebuild and rebuild again before they’re even finished with their first attempt at it.  I would really like to see their actual financial picture, because even though they fail to draw almost anyone out to that horrible ballpark, I doubt they truly can only afford a 10 million dollar payroll.  I hope they’re using that money in the draft and player development, otherwise, why should Miamianos even care about that team at all?

Oh, and I wonder, is this what the Royals had in mind when they threw $36 million at Jose Guillen?


Andruw Jones is headed to L.A. to try to find his equlibrium after a down season in Atlanta.

The Dodgers just made Andruw Jones one of the highest paid players in the game, but did so with only a two year deal, making it a nice move for the franchise.  What makes it not so nice a move is the fact that they already have a CF in Juan Pierre–wait, strike that, they already paid for a CF is more like it.  Wasted money aside, let’s hope that the Dodgers don’t confound their initial mistake by giving Pierre Andre Ethier or Matt Kemp’s at-bats.  Next up for the Dodgers, fixing the Nomar situation.

David Riske also signed with the Brewers.  His contract details are nothing to be impressed with from the Brewers’ side of things, but at least it’s not as bad as the Linebrink signing, if for no other reason than Riske is making slightly less guaranteed money and heads to the inferior league instead of the other way around.  GMs still appear to be overpaying on all deals for relievers, but maybe that’s just an indication that a radical realignment of salaries is here.


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