Thoughts from Across the Spectrum on Pearl Harbor Day


America was drawn into action 66 years ago on this day, which changed the course of world history.

America remained dormant, wanting to avoid another terrible world war just years after it had come in late to help end earth’s first attempt at total self-destruction.  While politicians realized joining the war would be inevitable, they were unsure as to how to motivate the American populace without risking their careers.  On December 7th, 1941, the Japanese ended any worries on FDR’s part about how to push the nation into the costly endeavor it was so hoping to avoid. 

Sixty-six years later, we find ourselves the world’s preeminent country and wealthier than any other nation in the history of the planet.  So, on this important date in our history, don’t forget to talk to your parents or grandparents who lived through WWII and thank them for allowing us to live in such a great era.  And please, don’t forget about the troops who now fear for their lives across the globe, following orders from the politicians we have elected.  Whether or not you support our efforts in Iraq or elsewhere, don’t forget about the women and men who risk their lives everyday, enabling us to sit here and enjoy the good life.

Now onto some sports talk:

Kevin Everett is walking again.  From everything I’ve read there could not be a better guy.

Willy Mo Peña signed an extension with the Nationals for one year with a club option for 2009 ($2 million in 2008 and either $5 million for 2009 or a $2 million buy-out); I’m a fan from both perspectives.

Word on the street is the A’s have interest in signing Barry Bonds; seems like a perfect match to me if he’s willing to take whatever money Oakland can muster together for this season.  The dude can still mash.

The Bruins made a sensible little trade to fill their goaltending needs now that Tim Thomas is hurt.  Tuukka Rask has been solid enough, but the difference between Tuukka and Thomas at this point is substantial.  They played a gritty, old-fashioned Original 6 game last night against the (somewhat still) hated Canadians.  Outplayed once again, the Bruins wasted a chance to jump their rivals in the standings, losing a home game.  I would love to see that rivalry heat up again, because although it’s hard to believe for younger fans, Bruins/Canadians used to be the perfect hockey parallel to Red Sox/Yankees and, in fact, during the ’80s was even more fierce than its baseball counterpart.

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