Name Game

These guys called and said my blog needed a make-over. 

I just changed the name of this blog from “Hopefully this blog will post my blogs” to the current one.  I’m curious to see if y’all like the new name or even care at all, so feel free to leave a response here or on the question page.  If you have any suggestions for a better name, please let me know.  Sarcastic responses are always welcome.

PS–this is entirely unrelated but I felt like I should address it since some of my sister’s co-workers recently danced to the song at a pep rally in front of all their high school students: “Superman” is a dirty song, and if you don’t know what it means to superman someone, ask a youngster and you’ll be quite surprised what the answer is.


One Response to Name Game

  1. Jessica says:

    Love the new site name! And love you!

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