Thoughts from the Diamond and the Hardwood


Eric Gagne is heading to Milwaukee, which will be nice for him because of its proximity to Canada and abundance of gut-padding beer.

Eric Gagne signed with the Brewers for one year at $10 million.  It’s not a bad signing even though the money is absurd, but that’s ok since it’s just a one year commitment.  I might have gone in a different direction if I were Milwaukee, but if things work out and Gagne gets his head on straight they’ll be happy.  The Red Sox will gladly take their draft compensation.

Milton Bradley is bringing his combustive personality to Texas for one year at $5 million.  My first reaction was “That’s all?”  Nice signing–for half the cost of the going rate for a decent closer they got themselves a guy who could be their best hitter.  He’s a switch-hitter with great splits from either side, and is going to be motivated to get a huge deal once he comes back from the injury he sustained after that strange incident with an umpire last year.  This is a great case of buying low; at the very worst he’ll be a tradeable asset come deadline time, when his services will be in demand around the Majors.  Bradley will turn 30 in April, so the Rangers should be getting him during one of his peak years if he’s healthy.

Just looking at the Ranger roster they seem destined for one of the worst records in the AL easily.  They look terrible on paper.


Big Al slayed the Suns last night with a dominating performance.  Jefferson and cap room alone are a decent haul for KG under the circumstances, but while Telfair has shown some signs of figuring things out enough to stay in the league for a while, Gerald Green looks more and more like he’ll be out of the league within a few years and Ryan Gomes has struggled in an overly optimistic role as an offensive leader.  I’m guessing a trade for Andrew Bynum and other assets might look pretty good to Minnesotans now, but don’t forget the value of getting their own 2009 pick back, which will be of the lottery variety. 

Another T-Wolves note: good to see they’re playing Craig Smith and Corey Brewer more now, about time.  They’ve got to at least see what the guys can do if they’re going to rebuild, which you might have noticed, they are.


Anthony Carter has been a pleasant surprise for the Nuggets.  His numbers are modest, but he’s been a solid pick-up for chump change.

Rajon Rondo was money last night.  He can be that good consistently someday.  Bench depth was Boston’s biggest worry before the season, but as of now the group is collectively playing great defense and sports three legitimate contributors (Eddie House, James Posey, and Glen “Big Baby” Davis) who carry PERs of better than 15.00 (league average).  If Tony Allen gets going, they’ll actually go nine deep. 

Just realized this, but the Celtics have an extremely Irish-named roster.  That must have been Danny Ainge’s secret part of the rebuilding plan.  Nicely done.

Ray Allen has been struggling, and I think moving him to 6th man, with Tony Allen replacing him in the starting line-up, would really help limit his minutes and give him a chance to get back on track.  Once Tony proves he’s healthy enough and ready for the role, Doc should give it a shot if Ray doesn’t feel slighted enough to cause problems (and I don’t think he’s the type to do so).


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