2006 NFL Draft Talk

Things didn’t go as planned on draft day in 2006, and haven’t since then either.

Reggie Bush was the next big thing.  LenDale White was his mediocre back-up.  Vince Young and Matt Leinart were the second and third best players in the draft.  Leinart was the most ready for the pros.  Mario Williams was…wait, who?

Let’s take a look at how things have turned out almost two years after the infamous proceedings of draft day 2006:

From the start I thought the Titans got the best of things because LenDale White profiles as more of your traditional NFL style, pound-the-hole tailback, while Reggie Bush is really more of an H-back.  So, why not get a quarterback AND running back for about the same cost as Reggie Bush alone? 

Well, as it turns out, I’m going to say the Titans, and I, were right on that one, although White hasn’t been much more than a standard back and Vince Young’s numbers, other than wins and losses, are pretty horrific.  It’s certainly safe to say that Bush has been a disappointment in New Orleans.

As far as Leinart is concerned, things aren’t so swell.  After a somewhat promising rookie season, he lost his job as a starter and didn’t perform well when he was in there anyways.  It turns out his lack of arm strength and slow feet might be a real issue and along with the curse of Paris may prevent him from becoming much more than a spot starter in the League.

And now, saving the best for last, unlike the draft, let’s talk Mario Williams.  As far as that pick was concerned, let’s just say I was not on board at the time.  Williams carried far fewer YouTube clips with him to the pros than Bush or Young and couldn’t touch Leinart’s list of hot, famous SoCal women

Apparently none of that mattered and he may have in fact been the best player to come out that year and therefore worthy of the first overall selection.  He’s simply killin’ it this year.  He’s already got 13 sacks and 2 forced fumbles.  Not bad, eh?

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