Pensamientos al Azar Sobre el Futbol Americano

Why is Brian Westbrook such a great player?  The ONLY thing he cares about is winning. 

Philadelphia Eagles running back Brian Westbrook pulled one of the most unselfish, team-first moves I’ve seen in a while.  With the 2 minute warning approaching the Eagles handed the ball off to Westbrook up 10-6 in the 4th quarter against the potent Dallas Cowboys.  After breaking through the hole and heading unmolested toward the end zone, Westbrook chose to avoid more personal glory, eschewing the desire to reach pay dirt, and went down inside the one yard line.  Westbrook knew that the ONLY way the Coyboys had any slimmer of a chance was for him to score, giving Tony Romo and his ‘Boys a shot at scoring quickly, recovering an onside kick, and scoring again.  Despite the improbability of this scenario, it has happened before.  Westbrook chose to assure his team victory by going down, allowing Donovan McNabb to simply kneel until the game was over.  A tip of the cap to Westbrook, who just become one of my favorite players.


The Pats survived today against the Jets.  It was nice to see the emergence of a running game with the inclement weather at Foxboro, which should ease the worry in the back of every Patriot fan’s mind about the team’s inability to move the ball should the passing game falter.  Unfortunately Tom Brady’s performance today in the wind could prevent him from breaking Peyton Manning’s single season quarterback rating record and makes setting a new passing touchdowns record more difficult, needing 5 in the final two games (although Miami, fresh off a win, could let him get to 50 TDs by the end of the first half).

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