It’s Time to Welcome the NHL Back Into Your Lives

Alexander Ovechkin is what the new NHL is all about: speed, power, aggression, and desire. 

I know people turned their backs on the NHL after the lock-out a few short years ago, and in many cases even before then, as the game had lost some of its luster since its heyday in the ’80s with Gretzky and Lemieux leading the way.

But, people, it’s back. 

NHL hockey, while still sorting itself out since coming back from missing the entire 2004-2005 season, is good again.  There is an abundance of exciting young players, and in any given game you are likely to see a great fight, beautiful passing, and incredible effort. 

Quite simply, these guys play hard. 

I would venture they play harder than any other sport day-to-day and play-off hockey is absolutely insane.  It’s like watching marathoners sprint the entire 26.2 miles.  Every team is stocked full of Brian Westbrooks–guys who care only about winning and will sacrifice anything and everything to do it.

There’s a lot more going for hockey than Sidney Crosby these days.  Just tune in and watch a game sometime and you’ll understand. 

Hockey’s back, it’s time you came back to it.

To help you get started, click here, here, and here to catch up on some of the happenings in the game these days.


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