Quick Clicks

Here are some quick clicks for you today since it appears, as of 4:21 p.m., that nothing will move me to write a full out post.

If Bill Parcells were a politician he would be accused of waffling

Chris Simon gets a 30 game suspension.  Doesn’t seem like a harsh enough penalty to me.

An interesting piece from ESPN.com by J.A. Adande about the Boston Celtics and race.

Bill Simmons’ annual NBA Trade Value article.  I’m not sure I agree with some of his rankings, see if you do.

It’s almost as if T.O. enjoys pissing off his quarterbacks.

Milton Bradley says he’ll be ready for opening day.  If he is, won’t San Diego be sorry for passing on the guy at one year and only $5 million guaranteed instead of trading for Jim Edmonds?

The Todd Bertuzzi-Steve Moore mess gets messier.  I believe when someone takes a cheap shot the standard retaliation is FACING him and then beating tar out of him, not punching him from behind.

Check out this video of the Big Bad Bruins, courtesy of BostonSportsRants.  It’s amazing how things get twisted; Roger Clemens got a free pass up until The Mitchell Report while Barry Bonds got roasted and the Boston Bruins went into the stands back in the day and now it’s looked upon as legendary while the Indiana Pacers are hoodlums for what they did at the Palace a few years ago.  Think skin color has anything to do with that?

Check out this video some of my friends made for class day back in 2004 before we graduated from high school.  5eva 4eva!

Could a lack of hops not only prevent success in the NBA but also harm our social lives?  Let’s hope not.


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