Un Breve Analisis del Mundo del Beisbol

Apparently Jonathan Papelbon’s dog is “The Beast” from The Sandlot

Buster Olney wrote today about how teams are focusing their efforts on bolstering their bullpens through free agency.  Seems somewhat misguided to me; there are a lot of cheap options a team can find to fill out its pen, so only the very best relievers should earn big money.  This off-season has shown my opinion is in the minority where it counts, in the front office.

Dontrelle Willis has signed a three year deal worth $29 million with los Tigres.  If he can turn things around then it’s a bargain, but it seems quite risky to me to invest that much money on a pitcher who has been declining over the past three years in the inferior league and has already logged a lot of innings at a young age.

Jonathan Papelbon is bien loco, mane.  Paps has got to be the only professional athlete this side of Gilbert Arenas who I could see being responsible for such a ridiculous story.

The Royals signed Ron Mahay to what I would call a solid contract for both sides.  Two years and $8 million, seems about right.

The Phillies have decided to invest in Jenkins; the cost: $13 million over two years.  Notice Jenkins has declined in on-base percentage and OPS over the past three seasons.  There’s little reason to expect him to get any better considering he’ll turn 34 years old in the middle of next season.

Interestingly enough, in his piece linked above, Buster Olney talks about how potent a line-up the Phillies have.  The funny part is in the American League their line-up would be looked upon as lacking.  The NL really needs to step it up, the disparity is getting worse than it was between the NBA East and West a few years ago.

I was going to write some in-depth analysis about the M’s signing Carlos Silva to a 4 year, $48 million dollar deal but Keith Law beat me to it and did his usual great work so I suggest you give it a read.  In case you don’t have access to an insider account I’ll give you a short recap: Seattle will be better next year with Silva in the rotation but over the course of the deal there is a significant likelihood that Silva will prove to be a bust.  He has a small margin of error to work with since he has only marginal stuff and any drop in command or velocity could result in some horrific numbers and cost Billy Bavasi his job sooner rather than later.


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