Message to the Nets: Build for Brooklyn

It’s time to split up this Jersey trio. 

Put frankly, the New Jersey Nets are a mess. 

Jason Kidd, owner of a 36.7 field goal percentage and a startlingly low 16.79 PER, is no longer worth anywhere near $20 million a year.  Vince Carter has packed it in till his next contract year.  Richard Jefferson is playing at his peak right now, wasting his efforts.  Sean Williams is the only other player on the Nets’ roster worthy of anyone’s time.

It’s time to build for Brooklyn.

The Nets are set to move to the former home of Dem Bums in time for the start of the 2010-2011 season.  By then their roster could, and should, be totally remade with promising youngsters and cap space as staples of the franchise in order to facilitate a major free agency run at LeBron James, Dwayne Wade, or Carmello Anthony.  Jay-Z’s partial ownership of the team will be quite an asset in terms of attracting one of the NBA’s top talents come the summer of 2010, and Brooklyn’s place in America’s number one market should help to attract any potential “global icons.”

This is a plan that the Knicks should follow as well, but given their current leadership fiasco, I would put more stock in the Nets following through with such a concept.  However, should either of the tri-state area’s struggling franchises find themselves with sufficient cap space to offer a max contract in the summer of 2010, fans in Cleveland, Miami, and Denver will surely be looking to the skies for some help in keeping their favorite sons where they are right now.

Back to the Nets’ current situation.

The Nets have only two players under contract beyond 2009: the aforementioned Richard Jefferson and Vince Carter.  Luckily both have value, and should the team decide to move either over the next few years, draft picks and expiring contracts could be had in return.  Were I running the Nets I would let fellow GMs know that any player on my roster could be had and actively look to move Jason Kidd and Vince Carter as soon as possible.  Jefferson has more value, and therefore shouldn’t be shopped like the other two-thirds of New Jersey’s triumvirate.

With some shrewdness and any luck the Nets could march into Brooklyn in November of 2010 with a roster headlined by the King, RJ at his wing, and some young talent instead of a spoiled Kidd, the apathetic artist formerly known as Vinsanity, and a collection of misfits.


2 Responses to Message to the Nets: Build for Brooklyn

  1. I never thought this trio was going to work out in the first place. I thought that when they got Carter, Jefferson was going to be traded because they play the same postition and are basically the same type of player. I like RJ, but I’ve started to like Carter less and less. Kidd is still a great PG, but I think a change of scenery will do him some good.

  2. […] future.  If the Nets can somehow shed Vinsanity’s hefty deal for a shorter-term contract, the full-scale rebuilding plan they need would be well on its way.  Even shopping Jefferson and/or Carter for a big man would give the team […]

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