Assorted Ramblings on 12/28

When I Google image-searched “ramblings” this came up, and that will be the only connection to the rest of this post. 

Pakistan is a mess.  Being a world leader is both dangerous and taxing; it’s a wonder so many folks constantly strive for the highest posts–then again, I’m a lucky American so take my previous statement with a grain of salt.

Watched Mystic River today.  Great acting.  If you want to cry give that one a viewing, or you could try North Country.  I prefer Superbad.

Apparently former World Series hero Jim Leyritz killed a woman in a drunk driving incident.  The whole situation really bothers me, because driving under the influence remains a huge issue across the nation.  Yet, I know many good people who don’t care about it at all.  Many friends of mine constantly drink more than they should and don’t care at all about the inherent risk.  I have lots of anecdotal evidence to prove the irresponsibility of operating a vehicle in any other condition than sober and seatbelted (or helmeted).  My uncle died in a car accident when he was not wearing his seatbelt.  A helmetless friend of my mother’s was hit by a car while riding her bike and entered into a coma; she still struggles with many different tasks and hasn’t regained full functionality years after the incident and ensuing stint in the hospital.  On the other hand, one of my best friends survived flipping his car (completely sober) with only a cut on his hand because he chose to buckle-up.

Drugs, including marijuana, are not acceptable either.  I’ve had people tell me smoking weed heightens one’s senses, which makes driving high fine.  That’s a contrived argument by an intelligent person and simply not true.  You can do what you want to yourself so long as you don’t inflict harm upon others.  Please be responsible when leaving sobriety behind under any circumstances.  The rewards may not be visible, but as proven time and time again, avoiding the pain that one selfish move can cause is priceless.

OK, back to less touchy subjects.

Ed Wade rocks!  Darin Erstad?  Seriously?  Too good to be true.  I really feel bad for Astros fans–there’s nothing worse than having a crappy front office running your favorite team. 

The Sports Gal is probably funnier than her husband.

After watching the Celtics take on the Sonics last night I’m quite disappointed.  P.J. Carlesimo is wasting Kevin Durant’s talents.  How can P.J. not find KD easier shots and use his post-up skills on smaller defenders?  I know he’s weak so getting proper position isn’t easy, but that doesn’t mean you just sit him on the perimeter and do nothing with a talent like that.  Try some coaching!  Maybe set a pick or teach him how to use his body to make up for a lack of strength.  The dynamic player that Durant was at Texas, despite a lack of coaching creativity in Tejas as well, has disappeared.  Durant’s diverse offensive abilities must be employed to give the guy some easier opportunities than jacking a long two-pointer off the dribble.

Smart move by the NFL to allow the Patriots-Giants broadcast tomorrow night be aired on every station ever.  While forcing cable companies to add the NFL Network would be nice for the bottom line, alienating customers has yet to prove a great strategy for any organization.


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