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Chris Berman probably tells Brett Favre he’s making a run at the sack record every time he sees him, hoping for some Michael Strahan-like results with his man crush.

Who didn’t vote for Tom Brady for MVP?  I mean, seriously, the greatest season in the history of quarterbacks didn’t warrant your vote?  Brett Favre’s a great story and all, but come on.  Did Chris Berman get an MVP vote this year or something?

I was rooting for Tennessee during the Divisonal Round because they are significantly worse than the Jags–the typical run dominant team that scares everyone during the play-offs.  But, don’t be fooled by all the hype and the “no one wants to play the Jags” talk that tries to make it like the home team is the underdog.  The Pats are still substantially better than Jacksonville.  Unless the Pats play below their abilities and the Jags play at their best, owning the line of scrimmage and controlling the clock, New England should prevail. 

The final four in the AFC are spectacular.  All four teams are legitimate Super Bowl contenders.  The NFC isn’t too shabby either, with the Cowboys and Packers leading the way; it has been a great year in football, and this Saturday and Sunday make up the best football weekend all season, featuring four potentially dynamic games

I think the Colts have to be solid favorites over the Chargers–San Diego was terrible against Tennessee for much of the game and wasn’t consistent during the regular season.  If Indianapolis can hold the Charger rushing attack to a reasonable game instead of a dominant one, the Colts should own the day at the RCA Dome.

As far as the NFC is concerned, I’m going with the two favorites once again–Dallas and Green Bay have been the best teams in their conference all season, and playing against less than intimidating opponents at home, I see no reason for anything other than two match-ups next weekend of the top four teams in the NFL. 

Should be phenomenal football from here on out.

One Response to Football Chatter

  1. Steve J says:

    “Indianapolis’ track record against 3-4 defenses, including two losses to San Diego, is subpar. Pittsburgh eliminated the Colts from the playoffs in the 2005 season, and New England did the same in 2003 and ’04. Indianapolis averaged 12.6 points in those contests.”
    This is the only thing that scares me about the game this weekend.

    Go Colts
    Indianapolis Colts fan!!

    Steve J

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