Quick Clicks for 1/10


I recently wrote about how size is misunderstood in the NBA, and John Hollinger, the best basketball writer on the planet, explains the phenomenom of the “lack” of centers nowadays in great detail.

Here’s Chad Ford’s updated list of NBA Draft center prospects.  I find this list quite underwhelming, personally, but at least there’s some upside in the number one spot.

TrueHoop posted a pretty cool article about the legend of “making change” off the top of the backboard. 

I’ve been thinking for a while that Mike Conley is awfully similar to Rajon Rondo.  Here’s some further evidence, albeit from a fantasy basketball writer.

The Celtics succumbed to the Jason Richardson last night.  The guy was absolutely unstoppable–Paul Pierce had a hand in his face on countless fall away jumpers that touched nothing but nylon in the fourth quarter.  The C’s really missed Ray Allen and Big Baby last night, as their effort was lacking until it was too late, partially in part to a lack of options off the bench.


Looks like Brett Favre will be playing another year (or two, or three, or…).  You know Chris Berman will be ecstatic.

The Cowboys might have a crisis in their passing game entirely unrelated to Jessica Simpson.  Meanwhile, Marvin Harrison should be good to go like Taco Bell against San Diego, and Deion Branch is ready to suit up for Seattle.

The annual Tony Dungy retirement talk has started.  I’m going to go ahead and say he’ll be back.  Being a head coach in the NFL is more of an addiction than a career; most of these guys would rather die in the film room than spend an extra five years with their families and millions in the bank.


Nothing much is happening in baseball these days, just a couple lesser deals being consumated for fallen stars.  Oh, and all that Roger Clemens crap, but that’s too messy to worry about so we’ll just focus on games and trades, etc.

Here’s a calendar for the upcoming season.  Can’t wait for Valentine’s Day this year when my first love reports back to duty.


Since no one cares about the NHL except me, generally, I’ll list the hockey links last. 

Some East and West season preview/review action from John Buccigross.

Zdeno Chara will be starting for the East in the All Star Game, not so sure how I feel about that, but he has most definitely been a hell of a lot better this season than last.  Tim Thomas and Marc Savard got snubbed, but I’m not sure who I would have them replace on the roster.  Should injuries occur I would expect they’d be at the top of the list for replacements.


Finally, don’t forget to vote when the time comes!  And I’m not talking about for any silly All Star game either.

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