You NEED to See This

Tyler Hansbrough will break his own nose to get two points.

This is absolutely incredible.  The guys over at The Recliner GM posted this insane video and gave it a good write-up, so I’ve decided to just link over there instead of plagiarizing them.  Seriously, check it out if you like watching 7’7″ guys getting dunked on by “unathletic white dudes.”  All I know is I’ve been taking more of a liking to Tyler Hansbrough recently and this just put him over the top.  He’s now a guy I want the Celtics to consider with their pick at the end of the first round this summer.  The dude plays ANGRY.


4 Responses to You NEED to See This

  1. Dannie says:

    You are absolutely right. He plays exactly like you would want your big man to play. Pissed off for no apparant reason and willing to go over or through a defender to get to the basket or grab a rebound. I think he is one of the most under appreciated college basketball players because of his so-called lack of NBA prospects.

  2. sokol says:

    I like Tyler but he cheated he traveled on that play, that doesnt mean that Kenny wasnt slow but it wasnt as real dunk it was overrated. When he goes in the NBA I want to see Moon dunk on him.

  3. pdmason says:

    Hansbrough will be a “bust in the NBA. He will have to play against men. The guy is older than Dwight Howard. How the heck he could play in H.S. at age 20 is beyond me. Most States have age restrictions for athletes. He may be able to finish at UNC and go directly on Social Security.

  4. Richie says:

    tyler is just a pretty white boy who got lucky on that black giant. if the giant was more aggressive he would have squashed tiny tyler,

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