World Thoughts on MLK Day 2008

The Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. was quite the man, and his story should never be forgotten, or we will be forgetting a part of each and every one of us.

On MLK Day 2008 I’ve decided to take a break from the world of sports and check in with simply the world. There’s a lot going on out there, some good, some bad, so here are some things I’ve noticed recently.

Young girls are being beheaded in Indonesia over religion. Stuff like this always makes me wonder, is God stuck in ICU like Alanis Morrisette in Dogma?

Here’s a well written article that talks about the European perspective on the 2008 Presidential candidates. I always find it hypocritical that Europe might make such a fuss about race and talk about how backwards America is or was, considering Europe is AND was just as bad itself. America was formed by slave-holding Europeans who got their slaves from mostly European conquering slave traders. Things have certainly changed, but from first-hand experience, it’s always better to be white almost anywhere in the world. Dark skin is still a negative in much of Europe (and Latin America, and…), where France almost elected an openly racist candidate two elections ago. I’m talking OPENLY racist, not perhaps in the George W. sense, according to Kanye. There’s also some pesky little Nazi talk going on around the globe as well, and anti-Asian hate in Africa, and hate hate hate hate hate. It’s everywhere, so people should stop being so indignant about racism when they have their own issues to deal with. He who has never sinned may throw the first stone or some crap like that. I’d say how about we use those stones to build a well to irrigate the fields and feed the hungry, then I’ll worry about whose hands are the dirtiest from hard work, instead of the disgusting, bloody pasts that we ALL have.

Climate change–Frank Luntz strikes again. I don’t know if Global Warming is the right term for it–it’s pretty chilly right now so warming things up seems pretty appealing–but climate change is such a BS term. Oh, the climate’s changing, everything’s fine. Yeah, in the scale of the universe everything’s fine. But our existence–humans, animals, life on Earth–is but a blink of an eye in universal terms, so let’s not just laugh this one off, people. We’re going to start an ice age with this “climate change”. I’m thinking the term “lazyness/selfishness that causes the world’s sea level to cover major cities across the globe, ice caps to melt, and the planet to go into shock, ending the way of life we’ve grown accustomed to over the past several millenia” might work more. Not much on the ears, but probably more truthful.

What’s that sound you hear buzzing in the background more and more these days? It’s the sensual seduction of a recession! It’s so calming to know that come May, I’ll be a deeply indebted college graduate in need of a job to pay off my steep loans, and finding a good job will be harder by the day. Sweet. At least Harvard and Yale have decided to use their $87 billion in endowment to help lessen the load on their students. W’s got a plan to fix the economy, but I think I might be a little more comfortable if a different group were making decisions, rather than our idiot lame duck Prez. You know what might be funny though, is if W’s plan works, the next President will get credit for it, similarly to the way Clinton got all the credit for the boom we saw in the ’90s, when George Bush, the OG one, might actually have contributed just as much with his late-term policies.

It appears the key to extraordinarily long life is to semi-starve yourself. This doesn’t mean do so, it simply means if you want to live 100 less than stellar years instead of 84 great ones, there’s a strategy you can utilize in achieving your goal.

Here’s an article on the business of prostitution. Interestingly enough, some stereotypes are proven true, while others are vanquished in this article. Shout out to my second country, Ecuador, in this piece, where there is rampant prostitution and less education available, yet Ecuadorians seem to have come to understand the value of using a condom better than Americans. While putting on a condom might not be the smoothest or most seductive move, it sure beats unwanted pregnancies, STIs, or death. Also, prostitutes who operate under the control of a pimp often do better than solo acts. I think if we allow the tobacco industry to continue making hoards of cash, we ought to allow other risky behaviors and industries to be legal as well–meaning marijauna, prostitution, etc–or else it’s a bit hypocritical to allow an industry to sell a product that serves no positive purpose unattainable in other places that KILLS ITS USERS WITH UNCANNY FREQUENCY.

If identity theft is such an issue, as all these hustlers in the media would like us to think, why hasn’t the government done anything about it???  I’m gonna go ahead and say it’s a big farce.


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