NBA Buyout Bonanza

Along with playing the role of back-up point guard for the Celtics, Mighty Mouse, a former Jail Blazer, could supply the team with all the purple haze necessary for more pyro shows like the one that covered the court on opening night.

Our prayers have been answered.  Assuming the rumored Damon Stoudamire buyout goes through and he chooses to take the mantle of back-up point guard from Tony Allen for the Celtics, Boston will become my prohibitive NBA Title favorites (yes, I realize they have the best record in the NBA so that’s not saying much, but this is the team’s one major flaw being answered, so it’s a pretty big deal).  I don’t expect Sam Cassell to be bought out anyways, since he has value and Boston would have a hard time making much of an offer for the guy, so this is almost the perfect scenario.

Folks have also bandied about some Theo Ratliff buyout rumors, and’s John Hollinger mentioned the possibility of Ratliff signing with the Celtics before the end of the season as well in a chat today:

SportsNation John Hollinger: Ratliff is definite buyout material and is likely to be back with the Celtics by March. I think Minnesota will resign Gomes — he’s restricted and it’s not like there’s a huge market for him, and since McHale overpays all his free agents there’s no reason for him to leave. 

Pete (Minneapolis, MN): If Mchale buys out Ratliffs contract for more than a $1, I am going to…I’m so mad just thinking about it. Why not just let it slide off the books or use it as trade value?

SportsNation John Hollinger: I don’t think you get it — they’d pay him less than they’d otherwise owe, permitting him to sign somewhere else. It’s a win-win. Ratliff has no trade value because he makes like $11 million (going from memory), but if he agrees to go away for less than that amount then the Wolves would be fools not to say sayonara. 


Theo Ratliff could be back in Boston by the end of the season, giving the team a nice defensive spark off the bench at the back-up center spot.  While Stoudamire provides the smoke show, Theo can bring extra back braces in case anyone gets hurt.

Given that these two additions would bolster the team’s depth at crucial spots with play-off tested veterans, the chances of us witnessing Green 17 raised to the roof in November will get even better should one or both of these prospective buyouts and subsequent signings occur.  Besides, anything that pushes Brian Scalabrine further towards being the last man sitting (i.e. the 15th man on the roster) is a good thing.


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