Dotel, Tulowitzki, and Molina Reaction


The guy on the left is Vladimir Dotel, not Octavio, which is too bad, because if Octavio were Daddy Yankee’s pana, he’d be a lot cooler than the 67th boring middle reliever recently added to the White Sox that he is.

The White Sox have signed Octavio Dotel for two years and $11 million in guaranteed money.  The deal itself is fine, since Dotel showed his stuff is still solid by striking out 41 and walking 12 in 30.2 innings last seaso; the problem is the South-siders still lack another starter or two before I’m willing to consider them as much more than an 80-85 win team.


Troy Tulowitzki is about to sign a record-breaking extension for a player with so little service time, but it’s not going to break the bank for the Rockies.  $30 million over the next 6 years is likely within a few million either way of what Tulo would have made if he continues on his path to stardom, but it takes some pressure off of both sides.  Given that he has always been expected to play at such a high level, I have no qualms with this deal, although it was quite unnecessary on management’s part.


Cardinals catcher and the youngest of the slowest catching trio to ever grace the Majors, Yadier Molina, signed for 4 years and $15.5 million.  This prevents Molina from dealing with the insulting/annoying arbitration process and pays him pretty well no matter what happens from here out.  If he follows up his improvement offensively in 2007 with a few more positive steps he’ll become one of the best overall catchers in the game, given his tremendous arm and receiving skills.  He’ll turn just 26 this coming July.


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