Halfway There: Who’s the First-Half NBA MVP?

Tyson Chandler, David West, et al aren’t bad, but without my first-half MVP Chris Paul New Orleans would be back in the lottery.  Oh, and the Hornets wear some pretty colorful shoes don’t they?

Since we’ve finally (roughly) reached mid-season in the NBA, it’s time for my first-half MVP ballot: 

  1. Chris Paul–CP3 is having one of the best seasons ever for a point guard, and his PER trails only LeBron.  Throw that in with his ability to lead an otherwise average team to within a game of the top spot in the bloodbath that is the West and Paul gets my vote.
  2. Kevin Garnett–KG is the second best player in the East and the best player on the best team in the entire league so far.  His play has been exceptional, and his presence completely transformed the Celtics from losers to the Spurs of the East, with their phenomenal commitment to defense.  The Boston Three Party has mostly been a two-headed monster this season with Ray Allen’s struggles, so KG’s contributions have been even more important than we originally thought they would be.
  3. LeBron James–He’s the best player on the planet.  If he hadn’t missed any games and his team were slightly more than laughable excluding the King himself, he’d be the obvious MVP pick even with Paul and KG having such fantastic seasons.  But, since the MVP award generally places importance on winning, and treading water in the putridity that is the East does not qualify as such, LeBron will have to wait to begin his trophy reign until he gets some decent teammates.
  4. Kobe Bryant–9th in PER, 2nd in scoring, and his team is one game back of Phoenix, in third place overall on the left coast conference. 
  5. Chauncey Billups–He’s the best player on the second best team in the  East and is in the middle of a career year.  He’s money.

Honorable Mentions: Dwight Howard, Tim Duncan, Steve Nash, Paul Pierce, Caron Butler, Chris Bosh, Amare Stoudamire, Manu Ginobili


8 Responses to Halfway There: Who’s the First-Half NBA MVP?

  1. Dannie says:

    This year will be one of the toughest MVP ballots in a long time. You can make very good arguments for CP3, Bron and Kobe. I’ll link to you when I do my mid-season NBA ballot.

  2. fouledout says:

    brandon roy deserves a nod.. he should at least be in the honorable mention..

  3. I think you have to give it to Garnett. But i agree this year there is a lot more “team ball” going on and its harder to pick the MVP.

  4. fouledout says:

    @ sportsgorilla
    garnett is a wise choice.. but at this point in the season, maybe i would pick kobe bryant or chris paul or brandon roy.. up until this point these three players have played fantastic basketball. i personally dislike kobe as a player, but i think this is the year he can finally win the MVP award. chris paul and brandon roy are young players who have become leaders to their teams. although it is highly unlikely that roy and paul will win the awards, i think they deserve to be in the mix.. they both deserve nods for their fantastic performances.

  5. echoes says:

    Watch for Manu Ginobili. he is on the race!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!111

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