LeBron’s Love for NY Spells Disaster for Cleveland

Shoes made in red just for China, Yankees shoes, comments about global icon status–there’s mounting evidence that staying in Cleveland may not be on the long-term agenda for LeBron James.

Sorry, Cleveland.  Enjoy LeBron while you can, because it looks like he’s got a New York state of mind.  His newest shoes, the Air Zoom LeBron V, feature pinstripes to represent his love for the Yankees, and Kejaun Wilkins, one of LeBron’s advisers/employees/PR people wants the world to know that the King has “a great appreciation for New York City itself, and this is just another tie to it.”

Another tie to it.  That’s sort of scary.  Fortunately, every day that James Dolan refuses to do anything and let’s Isiah run the Knicks into the ground is a good day for Cleveland natives.  A new GM with half the practically unlimited job security Dolan has given Thomas would likely recognize the opportunity at hand to recruit LeBron to NYC in 2010, but Isiah might to be too imcompetent to realize this, and even if he does, his job will surely be gone by then if he follows the path to signing the would-be-savior: long-term financial restraint and even more losing.

At the same time, the Nets could be a threat given their pending move to Brooklyn and Jay-Z’s affiliation with the franchise, but they too have long-term contracts that could make offering LeBron a max deal difficult.

I think it would be sad, yet maybe fait accompli, if LeBron were to leave his small hometown lodgings for the Big Apple (or who knows, maybe LA a la Shaq as a Kobe replacement?), so here’s hoping Cleveland doesn’t have its heart broken yet again.  At least you know you’ve got two and a half more years to enjoy the King’s reign, and with a couple smart maneuvers, there could at least be a championship before doom’s day arrives.

2 Responses to LeBron’s Love for NY Spells Disaster for Cleveland

  1. zachary says:

    I need a pair of these shoes

  2. james says:

    i love those man

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