Doc, Rest Your Suddenly Sickly Celts

Kevin Garnett 

Rest him until the seventh day.

Ray Allen has the flu and ageing legs; Rajon Rondo’s struggling with several leg issues; James Posey is recovering from back problems; Big Baby Davis has had some knee issues of his own; and now, KG will miss at least two games and possibly more with an abdominal strain.

Things are slowing down in Boston, where after an incredible 29-3 start, the Celts have come back to earth, due in part to their less-than-stellar healthy lately.  The C’s are 5-5 over their last ten games, and could find themselves dropping the next couple without KG and perhaps Ray Allen. 

Fortunately, time is on their side.

The Celtics play only two games in seven days (counting tonight).  Given this random rest, I would resist the temptation and the intense overtures that are sure to come from Mr. Garnett and sit him until at least Feb. 5th, at Cleveland.  Even if this is slightly excessive, one game (home against Dallas on Thursday) doesn’t matter much for the team with the best record in the entire Association, but a healthy cast of characters in the second half and the play-offs does.

So, prescribe some rest, Doc.  (So corny, I know.)


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