The Dynasty That Never Was

In lieu of news that Johan Santana has been shipped to the Mets, I’ve decided to post the entry I started back when a trade to the Red Sox seemed imminent just to give us a glimpse of what could have been.  It was to be titled “Santana Trade Cements Sox as World Series Favorites.”  As you can see, I never got the chance to finish it :(.

  1. Johan Santana-29 years old
  2. Josh Beckett-28 years old
  3. Daisuke Matsuzaka-27 years old
  4. Clay Buchholz-23 years old
  5. Curt Schilling/”Father Time” Wakefield-167 years old

That’s hands down the best rotation in baseball.  And will be for the next two or three years, most likely.  Come play-off time, the top two can’t be touched, and the top 4 could be fantastic.  As far as #5 goes, who knows, Schilling could keep up his play-off mastery and be much more valuable than expected.

Together with an already strong team otherwise, the Red Sox would become prohibitive favorites to win the World Series in 2008.  With a move to replace, or retain, Manny Ramirez’s production in LF after his initial contract is up at season’s end (when he has two club option years remaining), the team could be looking at the chance to win 4 or 5 World Series trophies during this first decade of the new millenium, with more success possible in the teens.  This would be Boston’s answer to New York’s dominance during the 1990s.


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