The Real NBA All-Star Team

I finally decided to post my NBA All-Star team, but since everyone else jumped the gun and did it well before the halfway mark, I’m going to keep it brief.  I followed the rules of picking the team, with starters having to be chosen at their listed positions, but reserves at wherever they should be.  I factored in real production (meaning minutes) when PER was close, defense, and the fluke factor.  Here goes:

West Starters:

  1. Chris Paul–he’s better than Steve Nash, I’m sorry.  He was the first-half MVP.
  2. Kobe Bryant–still a stud after a lot of mileage.
  3. Dirk Novitzki–he’ll have to play the three because the ballot is messed up.
  4. Tim Duncan–Hall-of-Famer.
  5. Amare Stoudamire–He’s third in the league in PER and has really turned it on after somewhat of a slow start.

West Bench:

  • Steve Nash–still the second best PG in the game.
  • Manu Ginobili–should be starting ahead of Dirk if we could just go small but the balloting doesn’t work that way.
  • Yao–while his star may have slipped a bit and he has some defensive shortcomings, he’s still a very good player.
  • Carlos Boozer–he was an MVP candidate for a while, but his play has fallen off to simply an All-Star level.
  • Baron Davis–very good player having a very good season.  He’s the real deal now, at least for a couple more years.
  • Allen Iverson–he just barely makes it ahead of some serious Western snubs, but he’s got to be there given his consistent great play both this year and in the past.
  • Al Jefferson–if this last had come out just a couple weeks ago I wouldn’t have been able to have given my man crush a spot but his recent dominance has made it just as legit as Yao.

West Snubs:

Andrew Bynum, Carmelo Anthony, Brandon Roy, Josh Howard, Marcus Camby, Shawn Marion

East Starters:

  1. Chauncey Billups–putting up the second best numbers by a point guard in the Association.  Much better than J-Kidd.
  2. Dwayne Wade–his team sucks, but he doesn’t.  He’s the best shooting guard in the East.
  3. LeBron James–putting up historic numbers at only 23.
  4. Kevin Garnett–his stats are great, and even they don’t tell half the story.
  5. Dwight Howard–the Magic really ought to try getting him the ball, seeing as he’s, like, the best all-around center in the world and stuff.

East Bench:

  • Chris Bosh–like Amare out in Phoenix, after a slow start the youtube star has begun annihilating opponents and sports the league’s sixth-best PER at 24.97. 
  • Paul Pierce–more than any other year, he’s played a full-court game and become a leader, which helps make up for the fact that he sports the lowest PER of any All-Star, East or West.
  • Caron Butler–he’s no longer a poor man’s version of Paul Pierce, now he’s simply Caron Butler.
  • Jose Calderon –the Raptors somehow have two of the three best point guards in the East.  Damn Canadians.
  • Richard Hamilton–This is where things start to get less impressive, but Rip’s still a key guy and playing well.
  • Antawn Jamison–Caron’s running-mate in D.C. has played very well and helped carry the Gilbert-less Wiz.
  • Josh Smith–I love his high-flying style of play.  He’s the Andrei Kirilenko of the East–only better.

East Snubs:

Michael Redd

Sounds a lot like Hollinger doesn’t it?  Oh well, that’s what I get for waiting until the appropriate time for judging. 


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