A Little Play-Doh Motivation


Is that you? 

They tell you to be well rounded.  They tell you to specialize.  They come up with cliches and terrible analogies.  They’re your parents, teachers, elders, doubters, advisers, friends.

Screw ’em.  Just go back to the basics and you’ll find your own inspiration. 

You know that rolled up ball of play-doh, the one with all kinds of colors in it that you used in the your youth?  That’s what you want to be.

Diverse, rough, and experienced, the ball represents you; it represents all your experiences–the wide variety of which you need to be successful at anything.  It’s slightly hardened–as you’ll need to become in order to survive in this “real world” people talk of so often–but it remains supple enough to reshape itself whenever called for.  It can be a square, a rectangle, a triangle, a circle, a pentagon, something with a little more dimension, anything.  It’s capable of filling any hole and firm enough to stick when placed there, yet never loses its ability to reinvent itself. 

Strive to be that ball.

One Response to A Little Play-Doh Motivation

  1. goddess55 says:

    This blog rings true regardless of the age of the reader. It could even be your children that give you advice. But ultimately it is you that is responsible for creating your life and making your dreams become reality. Nice metaphor with the play-doh!

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