Wilkerson, Casey Reaction

If Adam Jones can be converted into Erik Bedard, Brad Wilkerson’s decision to choose the Seattle Mariners over the Boston Red Sox will become one of the off-season’s key decisions. 

Brad Wilkerson has eschewed overtures from the Boston Red Sox to sign a one-year $3 million deal with the Seattle Mariners; in turn, the Red Sox have signed Sean Casey to a one-year $700,000 contract.

Both moves are solid for the two teams, with Casey more of a known commodity and Wilkerson the wild card.  Casey will play a solid first base and contribute quality left-handed at-bats off the bench for the deep Red Sox, while Wilkerson will get a shot to start for the Mariners in right field should their rumored Erik Bedard trade finally be completed. 

The implications of Casey’s signing are minor, but those of the Wilkerson deal could carry much more weight.  Wilkerson has the ability to be a near-star, reaching base at a high clip and supplying some power if healthy.  The issue is he hasn’t been fully healthy in some time, and this puts the Mariners is somewhat of a risky situation.  But, if the team can strengthen its rotation by acquiring Bedard from Peter Angelos, uh, I mean, the Orioles, the M’s will have a suitable replacement on their hands for the departed Adam Jones at a low cost along without having to trade additional prospects, allowing them to continue their pursuit of a postseason spot with further transactions.


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