Some Serious Senator Specter Spygate Sketchiness


While a more appropriate title might have included some mention of the Patriots’ involvement in this whole “Spygate” mess, I liked the alliteration so I went with it instead.

Senator Arlen Specter, pictured above, has decided to get himself some pub.  In order to do this, he has thrown out the biggest bluff I’ve seen in quite a while, making statements about Congress taking away the NFL’s antitrust exemption, which WILL NOT HAPPEN.  Specter just wants people to know his name and to sound all righteous so he’s jumped on this issue long after the initial investigation was conducted.  No one wants the NFL to suffer as a business, because football is America’s sport, and politicians want Americans to be happy.  So they’re not messing with a billion dollar industry that makes their constituents giddy at least once a week.

Now, as far as the new evidence that has come out, albeit not so convincing, this stuff is slightly damning.  The Patriots look terrible, the NFL looks terrible, and since Bill Belichick won’t be saying a word about it to the media other than “no comment” any time soon, PR man Stacey James is going to have to deal with it almost entirely by himself.

Also very intriguing is this fact lifted from Wikipedia (clearly I use only the most reliable of sources): “Specter’s #2 contributor for the year was Pennsylvania cable company, Comcast, which was engaged in an open disagreement with the NFL over licensing of the NFL Network.”

Hmm, timing seems pretty interesting too, just days before the Super Bowl–not at all a political move from a political pro or anything.

Sadly, or perhaps thankfully since this is a two-week-break year and we’ve heard and read every possible angle on the game and the two teams, the Super Bowl itself has been cast aside momentarily. 

Anyways, I think the Patriots are going to win because they’re better.  That’s my analysis.  Just watch the damn thing and enjoy all the festivities.  You’ve got your one Sunday a year when it’s not only permissible, but expected, to drink.  Have fun.


4 Responses to Some Serious Senator Specter Spygate Sketchiness

  1. Linda says:

    Ha, guess they weren’t better huh? I did watch the damn thing and I did truly enjoy the whole thing. Guess what cheaters don’t win in the end do they? ( maybe the pats were better because cheating gave them an edge? ya think?

  2. obeese says:

    The Patriots are better. They didn’t play like it. In fact, they collectively put up a dud, while the Giants played just well enough to win. There’s nothing wrong with that, and they should be proud of themselves–they beat one of the best teams of all time. However, one game does not change the fact that the Patriots probably would beat the Giants 60-80% of the time. But, cheaters do win in the end–Roger Clemens did pretty well didn’t he? Eli Manning cheated the draft system in a sense. The Pats have won 3 times and they’re “cheaters.” And plenty of players on every team in existence are cheating on their significant others, etc, I can give examples ad infinitum. One game didn’t change my opinions on either team, I thought the Giants were pretty good and the Pats were exceptionally good, but on one day, the Giants were pretty good and the Pats weren’t good at all. That’s it, glad you enjoyed the game though, it was pretty damn exciting. Congrats, G-Men.

  3. Linda says:

    I don’t think it was one game that got the Giants there. I think everyone should look at the road to the superbowl, who the Pats played to get there and who the Giants played to get there. That really tells the whole story, doesn’t it?

  4. obeese says:

    Maybe my last comment sounded like a diss on the Giants, but it wasn’t meant to be. They accomplished amazing things during their play-off run and subsequent Super Bowl win, all I’m saying is I think the Patriots would win substantially more games had they played head-to-head 10 or 20 times.

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