Congrats, New York…

Archie Manning’s loins are not only 50% responsible for the past two Super Bowl-winning quarterbacks, but approximately 8,345,762,349,550 MasterCard commercials. 

Seriously, you just beat the best team ever.  I know haters are gonna say that’s no longer the case, but you know better.  The Pats may have dropped the ball, but the Giants were always there to pick it up.  This was far from New England’s best game; the inability to move the football was nearly as shocking as the fact that almost no real adjustments were made by the Gillettes, but the crux of this issue was Giant: Tom Brady didn’t have time to do his thang.

The Giant defensive line pressured Brady more than any team the entire season, showing that the true reason for all the scoring records wasn’t Brady’s sexy butt chin or Randy Moss’s affinity for “straight cash, homey,” but rather the offensive line’s dominance.  That dominance was not there Sunday against the Giants, which is why the Patriots won’t be receiving their invitations to the G.O.A.T. Club any time soon, or ever, most likely.

The Pats let the perfect season slip through their fingertips, and the Giants seized the moment.  It’s pretty damn good to be Archie right now, ain’t it?


One Response to Congrats, New York…

  1. Jessica says:

    what goes around comes around….even for tom brady. maybe you shouldn’t dump your pregnant girlfriend for a supermodel and then god wouldn’t smite you so hard.

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