My NBA Second Half Preview

It doesn’t seem to matter what other teams/opposing fans try to do, LeBron cannot be stopped.  This season’s second half won’t be any different. 

OK, this was going to be a long rambling list of thoughts in paragraph form, so I’ve decided just to bullet it instead.  Here goes:


  • The Rockets and Jazz make the play-offs, knocking the Warriors and Blazers out. 
  • CP3, Amare, LeBron all continue to dominate. 
  • LeBron wins the MVP, his Cavs get 3rd seed in play-offs winning roughly 50 games. 
  • The Cavs win their first-round match-up and pose a serious threat to the Celtics and Pistons.
  • Toronto, Washington, and Orlando round out the top 6 in the East. 
  • The Bulls sneak in and lose in first round. 
  • No more big trades. 
  • Minor moves make the biggest difference in the play-offs. 
  • Crapshoot for the other bottom two Leastern spots. 
  • Tony Allen continually improves, and with the additions of buyout vets, the Celtics become a deep team, and ease the strain place on Pierce and Ray Allen. 
  • Mike Conley shows he’s a stud. 
  • Atlanta is happy with Al Horford, and to a degree Acie Law, but wishes it had gotten the Amare/KG/picks deal done. 
  • Can Miami possibly finish with a worse record than Minnesota and Seattle? 
  • Knicks continue to founder, but win a few games due to playing their “best” players. 
  • More tanking–it just makes no sense not to try it.
  • The Lakers, given good health, become the best team in the West.


  • Rajon Rondo’s continued development.
  • Ray Allen’s ankle and KG’s abdominal strain.
  • Cleveland’s commitment to defense.
  • Joakim Noah.
  • Andre Miller/Mike Bibby deals.
  • Buyouts.
  • Health in New Orleans and San Antonio.
  • Andrew Bynum’s return from injury.
  • Minnesota’s ability to shed bad contracts at deadline.
  • Al Jefferson learning how to pass and put in ANY amount of effort whatsoever on defense. 
  • Michael Beasley/Derrick Rose/other freshmen watch.
  • Which direction will New Jersey go in?  Rebuild or stock up?

Final Standings:

Eastern Conference Play-Off Seeding:

  1. Boston
  2. Detroit
  3. Cleveland
  4. Orlando
  5. Toronto
  6. Washington
  7. Atlanta
  8. Chicago

Western Conference Play-Off Seeding:

  1. Phoenix
  2. Dallas
  3. Los Angeles
  4. Utah
  5. New Orleans
  6. San Antonio
  7. Houston
  8. Denver

Finally, all predictions are negligible if unforeseen stuff happens (e.g. trades, injuries, me being wrong).


2 Responses to My NBA Second Half Preview

  1. fouledout says:

    nice predictions.. let see what happens after the all-star break

  2. […] I did predict it would happen, so that’s pretty cool (yes, I did also say that the Celtics probably wouldn’t be able […]

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