Two Minute Drill

I’ve been very busy lately due to school, work, health, and family issues so I’m just going to be brief with an unedited random notes post.

  • Celtics continue to impress me, Rondo’s jumper at the end of the game against the T-Wolves was a great sight.  Beating the Spurs wasn’t half-bad either.
  • “Peace and prosperity go gun in hand.”  Think about it.
  • Erik Bedard to the M’s makes them better, and they could get lucky and make the play-offs, but I’d still guess they won’t.  The Mariners sent Baltimore a lot, and for some reason gave up George Sherrill, who has no value for them other than in a quick turnaround trade.  Adam Jones and Nick Markakis is nice.  Now the O’s just need another 30 quality players in the organization and we’ll have to take them seriously for something other than the worst record in the AL East for the next three or four years.
  • This is some election isn’t it?  There’s so much going on here, it’s a shame that the highest voter turn-out ever is still nowhere near high enough.  I know some people say they don’t care or there’s no one to vote for, but honestly, those are excuses.  Take some time to read up, if only lightly, and cast your vote.  People died to give you the right to do so, and yes, they also died to give you the right not to, but I think if I lost my life for a country I’d rather have a proactive group enjoy the fruits of my labor than a bunch of self-centered apathetics lazing around instead of letting the world know its view on the way life ought to be.
  • The Sox are fine without Curt Schilling, but what a strange story all that mess is.
  • The Clemens Soap Opera is getting more and more comical every day.  I knew Debbie looked a little extra ripped in her SI spread.  But, seriously, pictures of beer cans are supposed to qualify as legal evidence?

Lastly, tell the ones you love how you feel about them as often as you can, when the day comes that you can no longer say it, you’ll be glad you hammered home the point.


One Response to Two Minute Drill

  1. fouledout says:

    rajon rondo is impressing me too. i picked him up in my fantasy league because he is on the roll in their last couple of games.

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