Some One-Liners

“Just” isn’t a verb, so you don’t “just” anything.  Don’t half-ass it, do it.

Photojournalism is great, but I’ll take one concise caption over a thousand jumbled words any day.

They say to be good and do well, I’d rather be well and do good.

It’s supremely arrogant to judge another man.  Thank God for arrogance.

What’s scarier?  The existence of a purely evil force or the co-existence of a God who allows the devil to corrupt more than He saves?

It takes much more than a spine to stand up.

The shorter the path, the longer you must travel it to reach your destination.

If playing God is so bad then why do we bother reading the Bible?

Por qué vivir si sólo vives para sobrevivir?

One man’s cartoon is another man’s prophecy.

They say you can’t write without first reading, but somebody did.

Peace and prosperity come gun in hand.

“Proactive” will always be semantics while “preactive” remains an unborn concept.

Maybe neanderthals were the smart ones.

If homo erectus had cars would he ever have learned to walk?

Can’t only exists until someone does.


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