Whither Zack Thomas?


This is Zach Thomas.  I don’t want him to play for the Patriots; however, the former Miami linebacker would be nice.

With the news that Zack Thomas’s reign in Miami has come to an end, the first thought that popped into my head was, “Could he be coming to Foxboro?”

Thomas appears to be the perfect fit for the Patriots: he’s smart, he’ll want to win above all else, he’ll probably play for a minimal salary and demand only a one-year commitment given his injury issues, he knows the game–something the Patriots value at middle linebacker, and the team could use a little more depth at the position.

Signing Thomas might allow New England to focus on the defensive backfield in the off-season and continue their strategy of drafting the best player available–the best way to maintain a run of success in the NFL–, so, don’t be surprised if the Pats add insult to injury one year after fleecing the Dolphins of the NFL’s best trash-talker, Wes Welker.


2 Responses to Whither Zack Thomas?

  1. Todd says:

    Too many concussions. I think he will retire.

  2. emmettjones says:

    I’m worried about his health as well. But if he is healthy, he does seem to be the perfect fit for New England’s system, assuming he’s willing to be a back-up.

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