Amidst This Season’s Revelry, A Look At What Could Have Been

In an alternate universe could both Brandon Roy and Greg Oden be Boston Celtics? 

This season has been a dream come true for anyone with even a semblance of affiliation to the Celtics, but I couldn’t help but wonder what would have happened had Danny Ainge changed only one move–the draft-day trade that brought the C’s Theo Ratliff’s contract, Sebastian Telfair, and a second-round pick in exchange for Brandon Roy (via Randy Foye) and Raef LaFrentz and Dan Dickau’s contracts.  Here’s a look at what most likely would have been this season’s team barring any further trades. 

Starting Line-Up: 

  1. Rajon Rondo
  2. Brandon Roy
  3. Paul Pierce
  4. Al Jefferson
  5. Kendrick Perkins


  • 2007 First-Round Draft Pick, Tony Allen, Ryan Gomes, Delonte West, Wally Szczerbiak, Leon Powe, Gerald Green, Brian Scalabrine, Raef LaFrentz, 2007 Second-Round Draft Pick

Let me break down the salary structure of this hypothetical team:


Salary (millions)

Years Remaining  
1.3 1  
2.9 2  
16.4 4  
2.5 1  
4.5 4  
1.9 1  
0.8 1  
1.9 1  
12.3 2  
1.45 1  
3 3  
12.45 2  
2007 Draft Picks 3 3  
Total Cap Number: 64.4 Roughly 9.4 over the cap

Al Jefferson‘s new deal, roughly equivalent to the one he signed in Minnesota, would replace Raef LaFrentz’s cap number after 2008, while extensions to Allen, Gomes, et al would take care of most of the potential cap space that would come from Wally Szczerbiak leaving as well. 

Essentially, the team would have put up 105-110 ppg, and learning to defend would have been the real challenge.  The Celtics would have had a great chance of an extended run of success with several future draft picks (including Minnesota‘s 2009 pick) to augment an already extremely formidable young core.  Veteran additions would have been easily added thanks to expiring contracts and a roster loaded with valuable assets.  Should the team have gotten a top-10 pick in this past summer’s draft (which would have been likely) it could have come away with Joakim Noah or Yi Jianlian to pair with Big Al in the front court, or if things had gone perfectly the Green could have even walked away with Greg Oden, Al Horford, or Kevin Durant.

I certainly am beyond happy with our current incarnation of the Celtics, but just think about the roster that could’ve been.  Pretty crazy, huh?

One Response to Amidst This Season’s Revelry, A Look At What Could Have Been

  1. fouledout says:

    the line-up looks promising, but they need a good coach who can handle a young team. pretty much what mcmillan is doing for the blazers right now.

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