All Star Game Notes

Ray Allen of the Eastern Conference goes up for a shot against Carmelo Anthony #15 of the Western Conference during the 57th NBA All-Star Game, part of 2008 NBA All-Star Weekend at the New Orleans Arena on February 17. Allen scored half of his 28 points in the last four minutes and LeBron James added 27 points Sunday to lead the East past the West 134-128.

Jesus Shuttlesworth was fire Sunday night. 

  •  Ray Allen absolutely lit it up in the second half Sunday–it’d be nice to see that jump start his game and help the team maintain its incredible pace throughout its difficult West Coast trip starting Tuesday.  Ray Ray looked more comfortable catching and shooting off the ball as opposed to creating his own shot as he was more apt to do for his past teams.  If he can pick it up the Celtics will become the favorites even over a healthy Lakers squad.
  • There’s no reason to rush KG back.  If things are “50/50” as Garnett suggested, then wait.  For all the 100% talk we’ve heard from the Boston brass over the past few weeks, “50/50” sure doesn’t seem right.  A healthy Big Ticket is much more important than the number one overall seed, as nice as home court would be.
  • Dwight Howard was amazing in the dunk contest, and I only wish the NBA would expand it to include more rounds.  Gerald Green’s “birthday cake” dunk was cool, but that was all he’s got.  Doing the same windmill dunk over and over again isn’t going to impress Doctor J.
  • LeBron was dominant.  He, Dwight Howard, Chris Paul, and Amare Stoudamire make up a really nice next generation for the NBA–one that’s ready to take over right now.
  • The Old Guard–Duncan, Iverson, Kidd, Dirk–didn’t look so great.  The game certainly hasn’t passed them by, but the All Star game may have.

One Response to All Star Game Notes

  1. fouledout says:

    the older generation slowed up playing to give way to the rising stars. that’s just the way it is. you may be included in the all-star team, but you can’t be an all-star forever.

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