Monday Morning Mindings

OK, well it’s actually not the morning anymore but whatever.

  • I think Brent Barry might be the best option for the Celtics at this point.  While not a true point guard, he can handle the position, is smart, will drill any shot he sees, and is big.  With Ray Allen and Paul Pierce initiating the offense from the perimeter Barry would be a nice addition.
  • Bartolo Colon might not ever pitch in the Majors again, but his recent signing with the Sox was a smart move.  He’s an insurance policy and since he signed a minor league deal  the Sox face zero risk.  If he works out and can give us 15 starts at the back end of the rotation, lessening the burden on Clay Buchholz’s young arm, great.  If not, no biggie.
  • The Lakers are on fire.  Houston is as well.  The West is absurd–the Cavs would be in 10th place in the West.  Portland would be in 6th in the East.  Wow.
  • The Bruins have been moving up in the standings lately.  If they manage to get the 6th seed (where they’re currently sitting) then they’ll play the winner of the Southeast division, and perhaps be the favorites.  If the B’s can somehow get Marian Hossa or another solid scorer who fits in the long-term picture, we might have ourselves a contender.  But, since they’re the Bruins they probably won’t so don’t get your hopes up.
  • Who do you think will win, McCain or Obama???

One Response to Monday Morning Mindings

  1. fouledout says:

    barry may fit the celtics, but barry is not the one they need right now. the celtics need a seasoned PG that can play night in-night out in the playoffs. rondo will be bullied by veteran PG come playoffs.

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