Inglish Iz Jard

Give this piece from the New York Times a read if you’d like all the details of the latest Roger Clemens saga, but first let me paraphrase a bit for you: Clemens has thrown his wife and best friend under the bus in order to save himself, and also tried and failed to throw his former nanny out from whatever yuppi SUV he was killing the environment with at the time onto the cold, harsh asphault.  Trying to paint his long-time employee as una extranjera ignorante who doesn’t know English and needs counsel on the damn thing from the great American linguist himself, he has been caught, and really doesn’t have any way of backtracking now.  I guess she had trouble with the word “misremember.”  Seriously though, give the article a read, it’s a sad story that involves Republicans aiding their loveable Texan in order to undermine the Democratic majority in Congress, or simply to express their support for their number one baseball man crush.  Amazing that Barry Bonds doesn’t get the same superstar treatment from our elected representatives, isn’t it?  Hmm, I wonder why?

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