Cassell Has Landed

He’s here! 

In the beginning of the season I said the Celtics needed another defensive-minded big man and a backup point guard–preferably of the veteran/shooter mode. 

So did everyone else. 

But, I did predict it would happen, so that’s pretty cool (yes, I did also say that the Celtics probably wouldn’t be able to get Cassell, but you’ve got to give me a break for underestimating just how poorly run the Clippers are/how much of a tacaño Donald Sterling is). 

Anyways, the Celtics now boast an impressively deep line-up, one filled with superstars, promising youngsters, and wily vets willing to do anything for a title.  That sounds like a nice group, and the only thing regrettable is that the Boston Three Party is now at the fine wine stage of their careers rather than a few years ago when it would have rivaled and surpassed the Lakers for most likely to take up the role of dynasty from the Spurs within a year or two.

Now that Xenu has come to Boston, along with his less-alien-looking sidekick, P.J. Brown, the C’s can throw out a finishing five of Cassell, Ray Allen, Paul Pierce, Kevin Garnett, and one of the following three depending on the situation: James Posey, Eddie House, or P.J. Brown.  That’s the type of savvy crew that NBA experts always talk about needing to win a championship (which is somewhat of a farce), but what gets me excited is the group of energetic and hard-working youths that supplement the old guys: Rajon Rondo, Kendrick Perkins, Glen Davis, Tony Allen, and Leon Powe.  Additionally, Scot Pollard’s name has only one “t” in it, Brian Scalabrine is nice because he’s white (which means he probably does and/or likes these things) and fans mock him when he does anything because of it, and Gabe Pruitt could actually be a nice long-term complement to Rondo at the point guard position.  Sounds like a pretty randy roster to me, if only Allan Ray were still in the Commonwealth (or the States for that matter) to act as special eye injury consultant/57th man.


6 Responses to Cassell Has Landed

  1. fouledout says:

    did the celts sign him yet? do they really want to bring the injury prone cassell to boston? and after what he did to rajon rondo? remember cassell giving rondo a hard foul?

  2. Dannie says:

    Big questions – who is in the game in the 4th quarter? Can Cassell guard Billups? Will Cassell come in and be a role player or resort to his natural tendency to lead and dominate the ball in crucial game situations? Will this hurt Rondo’s confidence and depress his development?

  3. fouledout says:

    cassell already signed with the celts, right?

  4. obeese says:

    He’s a Celtic–not sure if all the papers are in yet but yeah he’s on the team now but won’t play against the Pistons.

  5. Sportsattitude says:

    Great photo of Sam as E.T. I bet a lot of Celtic fans are phoning “home” right now asking themselves, is this really happening? The off-season moves were exciting enough, but I have always had the highest regard for the pro that Cassell is. Dannie has a legit concern about how he fits into the whole mix with the team structured as it has been but Sam’s smart and savvy enough to know this could be “bling ring” time and he’ll do what is asked. This may actually get me watching the NBA again…after they cut the nets down in San Antonio, of course…

  6. fouledout says:

    his sucker 3 pointer won it for the celtics against spurs. damn!

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