Tigers Lock Up Their Future


 La palabra en la calle is Miggy’s lost a few pounds off his face since his trade to the Tigers.


My master plan of having Miguel Cabrera replace Manny Ramirez in leftfield has been thwarted by those pesky Detroit Tigers.  The amazing thing about this deal is while it’s officially the fourth biggest contract ever signed in MLB history, it seems like a bargain.

Miguel Cabrera is about as sure of a sure thing as exists in this world.  His credentials are unmistakeable and he’ll turn only 25 in April.  And this isn’t any questionable 25 either–the kid still looks younger than the Jonas Brothers.  Weight issues have clearly been addressed, as evidenced by his showing up at camp this Spring looking more like Gabe Kapler than his former future-self, Bartolo Colon.

Manny’s option years just became a hell of a lot more intriguing, and as Buster Olney writes, Hanley Ramirez may have replaced Miggy as baseball’s next $200 million man.  The only difference being, although the Red Sox and Yankees will be searching for shortstops in a couple/few years, Hanley Ramirez has graded as one of the worst in the game, so unless he improves steadily before his stay in Miami ends look for him to take over for Manny in left, Lowell at third, or perhaps for Melky in the game’s most hallowed position of them all in the Bronx.


5 Responses to Tigers Lock Up Their Future

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  2. Sportsattitude says:

    The Tigers definitely plan on sticking with the likes of the Yanks and Sox in terms of spending money and it looks as though they definitely spent it wisely in this instance. Detroit’s fan base deserves such a management dedicated to winning not just one year but every year.

  3. emmettjones says:

    Aw man. Good post. But to be honest, I had a lot of time reading the rest of it after I read this sentence

    “…showing up at camp this Spring looking more like Gabe Kapler than his former future-self, Bartolo Colon.”

    That was hilarious.

  4. emmettjones says:

    oops. i meant a hard time reading it.

  5. obeese says:

    Thanks, Emmett. Good to know someone thinks my humor’s amusing, now if only girls did…

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