Oden’s Haste Great News for Blazer Fans

Apparently Greg Oden played in a pick-up game Wednesday.  It was dumb on his part, and the Blazer brass gave him a stern talking to about it, so all is well now.  But things aren’t just well if you’re a Portland fan, they’re reallllllllly well.

Think about it, you’re best player is a smooth customer who can do everything, you’ve got a nice power forward to go with him, your roster is filled with talent, more is on the way this year from the lottery and possibly Rudy Fernandez, and best of all Greg Oden LOVES BASKETBALL.

I can’t even imagine how excited Henry Abbott must be.  If your best player loves the game so much that he’s willing to stupidly play amateurs who can’t even touch him, I’m guessing he’s going to be in the gym quite a bit working on his skills.  Since his game is a little raw at this point offensively, that sounds good to me.  I’m now thinking Oden will DEFINITELY be a superstar with good health.  Happy days in the Northwest.

PS–Durant’s been fire since he was called out for his poor play this season.  Check it out.  Plus, once the Sonics finally play him at the forward spot, his natural position, and let him do his thing on the blocks and against slower, bigger defenders on the perimeter, his rebounding numbers will jump up.


One Response to Oden’s Haste Great News for Blazer Fans

  1. Sportsattitude says:

    Like many NBA fans, I was so disappointed when Oden couldn’t join Durant this season. Was looking so much for the Pac Northwest to be relevant once more. Now, with the Sonics headed to Okie City, it looks as though while these two will still have many a game between them, it just won’t be the same for me envisioning a new “border war” between Seattle and Portland with Durant and Oden leading the way. It is good to see Oden back on a court and eager to play, even if his employers think he’s a tad too eager.

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