Hey, Hawks fans, remember this guy?

In the scheme of things (what a vague phrase), winning an MVP isn’t a big deal.  You can win championships, make an exorbitant amount of money, and be elected to the Hall of Fame without ever winning the award (Scottie Pippen, for example).

But, that doesn’t make Chris Paul losing to KOBE BRYANT! acceptable.  As I’ve previously written, Kobe should have finished well behind Paul, and KG, and LeBron, for that matter.  The stats favor Paul, the team records are almost identical, and Paul’s team is lottery bound (in the East!) without him; the Lakers might even be a playoff team in the West without their preeminent, and now have a shot at becoming a dynasty thanks to their fleecing of Pau Gasol from Chris Wallace.

So, while it’s not a terrible thing to see a player of Bryant’s quality earn a lifetime achievement award, it’s a shame it had to come in the wrong year


One Response to ChrisPaulAThon’08

  1. Sportsattitude says:

    The lifetime achievement award has been doled out and Kobe has his trophy. So be it. Real basketball fans know the deal. I still can’t get over how he lobbied to be traded and/or led everyone to believe he had no confidence in the team as assembled…and today he’s the MVP of the league. Not quite a black eye for the NBA, but from a PR standpoint another questionable MVP winner. He should have won it in other years – perhaps – but not this one.

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